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How to prevent jet lag

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1) Its better take enough rest before the trip and avoid arranging the luggage at the leaving period.

2) Drink plenty of water on the plane and avoid alcohol drinks; it can help people to prevent from the deprivation of body fluids which will aggravate the influence of the time difference. Besides, the hypnagogue is also should be avoided.

3) Make scientific diet plan to regulate the body: 2-4 days before the trip, people should eat food with high protein at lunch and food with high carbohydrate at dinner; 1-3 days before the trip, the meals should be limited; its better only eat fruit and spoon meat which have better effect.

4) Its better wear loose clothes so as to have a normal blood circulation.

5) The blood clot is more easily to be taken for the fat person and old people than the thin and young person; taking an aspirin is helpful to prevent from the production of the blood clot; however, it is not suitable for the patients with uncontrollable high blood pressure.

6) Arrange the diet and sleeping absolutely according to the destination time before the travel so as to relieve the influence of the jet lag.

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