Jet Lag TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for jet lag

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Herbal Therapy
1) Internal Medicine
(1) Heat in the Intestines
Therapeutic Methods: To clear away heat and activate fu, moisten intestines and promote defecation.
Prescription: Modified Dachengqi Tang

(2) Stagnation of Qi in the Intestines
Therapeutic Methods: To promote digestion and relieve stagnation, nourish qi and spleen.
Prescription: Modified Zhishi Daozhi Bolus

(3) Deficiency of the spleen causing weakness of Qi
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish spleen, promote qi and regulate Zangfu.
Prescription: Modified Canling Baizhu Tang

(4) Yang-deficiency of Spleen and kidney
Therapeutic Methods: To warm kidney and promote yang, nourish spleen to promote transportation.
Prescription: Modified Shenqi Bolus.

(5) Yin-deficiency and Dry Intestines
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish yin and blood, moisten intestines and promote defecation.
Prescription: Modified Wuren Runchang Bolus.

2) External Medicine
1) Basking is paid more and more attention at the aspect of adjusting the biological clock; the detailed principle is related to the restraining of the releasing of the melatonin. The newest view is that: for the travelers toward east, its better bask in the morning; for the travelers toward west, its better bask in the afternoon; the outdoor sunshine at any time is good for adjusting the biological clock.

2) Take the application of garlic ointment on the Shenque (CV 8) can maintain the stability of rhythm and promote the recovery of the unstuck circadian rhythms on a certain degree.

(2) Acupoints Massage
1) Take massage on the back: Take points according to the eight methods of intelligent turtle and press the bladder meridians on both sides and the bilateral sides of the spine along the meridians; mostly press on the Xinshu (BL15), Geshu (BL17), Ganshu (BL 18), Pishu (BL20), Weishu (BL 21), Shenshu (BL23) and so on to push the waist and back and scrape the governor meridian till the heat sensation is gained; at last, beat the bladder meridians on the back.

2) Massage the limbs: Take the points of Shenmen (HT 7), Shenmai (BL62), Zhaohai (KI 6), etc to press along the meridians on the limbs; mainly beat the points on the pericardium meridian, gallbladder meridian, etc.

3) Massage the head: Firstly, take the Tianmen and then press the Jingming (BL 1), Zanzhu (BL 2), Yuyao (Extra), Sizhukong (TE23), Taiyang (EX- HN 5), Sibai (ST2), Yingxiang (LI 20), Anmian I (Extra 8) and Anmian II (Extra 9) for about 5 minutes; later, wipe the forehead and eyeball respectively with the thenar eminence of both hands; press or hold the five meridians on the head, scrape the gallbladder meridian on both sides of head till a little heat sensation is gained; at last, beat the head lightly with the finger pulp.

4) Each treatment is taken for more than 30 minutes and 2-3 courses of treatment to be taken continuously.

(3) Guasha Therapy
1) For the symptoms of dizziness, fatigue and lassitude which are due to the excessive mental pressure, people can scrape Houxi (SI 3) for 3 minutes; Houxi (SI 3) is Hui point of the governor meridian which is connected upward with the head; scrape it can pick people up.

2) The cephalagra is due to the bad gallbladder meridian circulation; people can take the points from the Yanglingquan (GB 34) to Guangming (GB 37) on the outboard of crus; and the reducing method is taken for the Guasha therapy. 

3) For diarrhea, scrape the Pishu (BL20), Weishu (BL21), Shenshu (BL23) and Zusanli (ST 36); the reinforcing or reducing method is taken according to the condition of patients; each point is scraped for 2-3 minutes till the toxin is moved out.

4) The agedness consumption of yin-fluid may cause the excessive dissipated f body fluid via the skin, the disorder of the lung function and the disharmony of the large intestine and lung. People should mainly scrape the both sides of forefinger; besides, the five-shu point of the large intestine meridian can be added.

(4) Cupping Therapy
Main Points selected: Tianshu (ST25), Zusanli (ST 36), Shangjuxu (ST 37), Yinmen (UB 37), Dachangshu (BL25) and Zhigou (TE6).
Neiting (ST44) and Hegu (LI 4) are added for the heat in the intestines type; Yanglingquan (GB 34) and Zhongwan (CV 12) are added for the stagnation of qi in the intestines type; Pishu (BL20) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6) are added for the deficiency of the spleen causing weakness of qi type; Pishu (BL 20) and Shenshu (BL 23) are added for the yang-deficiency of spleen and kidney type; Sanyinjiao (SP6) and Zhaohai (KI 6) are added for yin-deficiency and dry intestines.

The fire-cupping method is taken; keep the cup sucked in place for 10 minutes; take it once a day and 10 times is a course of treatment.

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