Neurodermatitis TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses neurodermatitis

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1) Skin lesion often occurs on the neck (above 90%), also on the eyelids, extending aspect of the four limbs, lumbus, back, sacral region and hip, not alwayssymmetrical and often localized in 1 - 2 places. It can also be dissemination pattern to spread over the skin of the whole body.
2) Paroxysmal pruritus starts in the infected areas primarily. After scratch, patchy erythema appears, or dense flat papule appears first, in size of the needle tip, in the skin color or slightly brown color, and in round or polygonal shape, in dry and solid nature and the forms lichenoid plaque.

3) It is manifested by serious pruritus, and scratch marks and bloody crust.

4) The duration is long and it is easy to recur. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurodermatitis.

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