Neurodermatitis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent neurodermatitis

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1) It is necessary to avoid fatigue, stress and anxiety and avoid taking spicy food, alcoholic spirits and strong tea. It is advisable to avoid scratching and wash the infected areas with hot water and using strong irritant medications.

2) Avoid eating more seafood, mutton and so on, drinking and eating irritant food. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

3) Develop the habit of personal hygiene, clean local part often with warm water and soup to make face clean, prevent from infected factors and stimulate the secretion of fat. At the same time, don't use oily skin care products or cosmetic.

4) Keep stool normal, treat timely when constipation happens. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurodermatitis.

5) Don't wear hard underwear in avoid of stimulating skin.

6) Practice facial massage every day to keep the fluency of Qi an blood.

7) Neurodermatitis can have many causes, such as irregular life, poor sleep, irregular menstruation, poor digestion, constipation and so on. These factors can aggravate the symptom, so it is necessary to adjust the patient's health condition from these aspects. 

8) This disease usually starts from local part and spread to the parts around it even the whole body when the symptom aggravates, so it can't be careless in the early stage of disease and pay attention to all the taboos, and take measures to control disease and avoid spreading as soon as possible.

9) Practice moxa-moxibustion often in daily life is the best way to prevent from neurodermatitis.

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