Nose Bleeding TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses nose bleeding

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(1) If nasal hemorrhage is mild, the nasal blood drops; if it is severe, nasal bleeding is very profuse.Some patients may have the accompanying symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and palpitation, etc. In severe cases, hemorrhagic shock may occur.

(2) Examination of the nasal cavity may discover blood spots. For juveniles, bleeding mostly occurs on the anteroinferior part of the nasal septum; for middle-aged and old people, hemorrhage largely happens in the nasonasopharyngeal plexus of the posterior nasal part. Continue to read more TCM Diagnosis for Nasal Bleeding.

While examining the nasal cavity to look for blood spots, check whether there exist deviation of nasal septum, tumour of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx or not. The discovery of the cause of bleeding may be assisted by blood routine examination, platetet count test, bleeding time test, coagulation time test, electrocardiogram, liver function test, kidney function test as well as X-ray film of the nasal part.

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