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How to prevent nose bleeding

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(1) Avoid spicy foods, smoking and drinking or rage. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to maintain the nasal mucosa moisture and enhance body’s resistance. 

(2) Do not dig nostrils casually. It will cause nasal mucosa rupture and hemorrhage.

(3) Cold can promote vasoconstriction and reduce bleeding. Patients can apply cold compresses to nose, neck and cheek by trash ice or iced towel.

(4) When breathing, it should be ensured that the air reaching to the lung is moist enough. If the environment is dry, it means that nose has to work harder than in the moist environment. It’s suggested to use the humidifier to increase the atmosphere humidity. It’s better to add some distilled water into the humidifier to avoid impure tap water (contains thermonatrite and other impurities).

(5) Patients with hypertension have a tendency to shed nosebleed. So, a low-fat and low cholesterol diet should be adopted. The priority is to lower blood pressure. Patient lies on the side and raises the head, pinches the nose and breathe through the mouth, applies cold compress in the nose. If the bleeding could not be stopped, patient can stuff the nose with cotton or gauze, At the same time, make external pressure to the nose to stop bleeding, and call emergency center and go to hospital. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Nasal Bleeding.

(6) If patients easy to shed nosebleeds, they should replenish iron to help body’s hematopoiesis. Iron is the main substance in red blood cells--is an important component of hemoglobin.

(7) Replenish vitamin C. Collagen is essential for the maintenance of healthy body tissues, while the vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen. The collagen in the upper respiratory tract tissues help the mucus sticks to the appropriate places to make your paranasal sinus and nasal cavity produce a moist protective film.

(8) Replenish vitamin K, which is essential for normal blood coagulation. It can be obtained from alfalfa, kelp, and all dark green vegetables.

(9) Adjust the mood and keep a good mood, avoid mental stimulation, relieve various mental pressures, relieve pessimism, disappointment, depression and anxiety, which have a great influence on our health.

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