Nose Bleeding TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for nose bleeding

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(1) Cheek the bleeding nose, then tie the responding middle finger root with fine line tightly. If the left nostril bleed, tie the right middle finger root, while the right nostril bleed, tie the left middle finger root. When tie the middle finger root tightly, the nasal hemorrhage can be stopped. Then untie the fine line after 10 minutes.

(2) Cogongrass Rhizome 50-120g, Bamboocane 100-300g. Decoct them, take it as a drink. It’s applicable to nasal hemorrhage due to lung-heat.

(3) Fresh lotus root 200-250g, raw Cacumen Biotae 60g. Wash fresh lotus root clean and cut into thin slices, boil in the water until it is boiling, then boil over a slow fire for 20 minutes, take the decoction and put it into a bottle of Cacumen Biotae, season it with vinegar and white sugar for drinking. It’s applicable to nasal hemorrhage due to blood-heat.

(4) Mix 2 egg whites with 50g of white sugar thoroughly, then infuse in the boiling water, take it after it is warm, twice a day. This recipe takes good effect on nasal hemorrhage.

(5) Peel right amount of garlic and mash it thoroughly, apply to the Yongquan (KI 1), wrap with gauze externally, take it away when the bleeding is stop. This recipe can treat nasal hemorrhage.

(6) Cut right amount of Nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis and Rhizoma Phragmitis (Lugen) into pieces, then decoct them in the water, take a bowel of decoction, twice a day, continuously take for 5 days. It can clear heat, stop bleeding and treat nasal hemorrhage. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Nasal Bleeding.

(7) Boil 60g of fresh lotus root until it is well-done, the lotus root can be eaten and the soup can be drunk, or season it with right amount of crystal sugar for eating. Taking it frequently can treat nasal hemorrhage.

(8) Stew one pig’s nose with ten eggplants, drink the soup, once a day, or take according to the patients’ frequent bleeding degree. If patient is bleeding frequently, it better to continuously drink for one month. If patient is bleeding occasionally, it better to continuously drink for one week or 10 days. This recipe is very effective to children.

(9) Decoct 60g of White Mulberry Rootbark for two times, then mix the two decoctions for drinking in a day, continuously take two doses. This recipe is very effective to children.

(10) Wash 300g of fresh chives clean, mash it thoroughly and take 100ml juice, season it with little amount of brown sugar for drinking, swallow it completely, continuously take 1-3 doses.

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