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Definition of otitis media in TCM

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definition of otitis media in tcmSecretory otitis media, Secretory otitis media, also called catarrhal otitis media, nonsuppurative otitis media, etc., is the nonsuppurative inflammatory disease of middle ear marked by hydrops of the tympanic cavity and hypoacusis. Clinically,it is classified into two types of acute and chronic ones. Hydrops of middle ear may be serous exudate or mucus. If hydrops of middle ear is extremely ropy and tremelloid, it is called glue ear. The disease can be seen in all ages without marked sex difference. It is susceptible to onset in winter and spring. The causes of disease are not fully understood. At present, it is believed that the main pathogenic factors include dysfunction of the auditory tube, infection, and allergic reaction, etc. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

The disease is called "Erzhang" (otic swelling) and "Erbi" (otic obstruction). The acute onset is mostly seen in pathogenic wind attacking the lung and obstruction of meridional qi; the chronic stage mainly in blood stasis due to qi stagnation.

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