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Dietary therapy for otitis media

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Infantile otitis media:
1) Balsam Pear Tea (Kugua Cha)
Fresh balsam pear, 1
White sugar, 60g
PROCESS: Cut the balsam pear into slices, boil it, take the juice of balsam pear and get rid of dregs, add the white sugar or crystal sugar into the juice of balsam pear until melt, take the juice as a drink. It’s applicable to deafness or suppurative Ting ear, accompanied with headache, toothache, ring in the ears after swelling and pain in the ear.

2) Honeysuckle Gruel (Jinyinhua Zhou)
Honeysuckle, 12
Radix Bupleuri (Chaihu), 9g
Turtle shell, 15g
Semen Coicis (Yiyiren), 18g
Brown sugar, right amount
PROCESS:  Decoct the first three ingredients in the water, get rid of the dregs, add Semen Coicis (Yiyiren), brown sugar, make them into gruel, one dose a day, continuously take 4-5 doses. It’s applicable to otitis media due to excessive fire of the liver and gallbladder.

3) Mung Bean and Fresh Lotus Root (Lǜdou Guan Xianou)
Mung bean, 300g
Fresh lotus root, 4 lengths
PROCESS: Wash mung bean clean, then soak it into the water for half an hour, strain and dry it; wash the lotus root clean, cut it in every one fifth part, then pour the mung bean into the holes of the lotus root until it’s full, then cover the original incision with the cut of lotus root, fix with bamboo stick, then put it into a steel pot with water, the lotus are covered completely in the water, boil it with a high fire until it’s boiling, then boil over a slow fire for 2-3 hours until the lotus root and mung bean are cooked, cut it into thick slices, dip it into the white sugar for eating, the soup can be drunk with the sugar.
Efficiency: To tonyfy the spleen, course the qi of the liver and gallbladder, clear the heat of the liver and gallbladder, applicable to infantile otitis media due to the excessive fire of the liver and gallbladder.

Otitis media comprehensive prescription:
1) Sophora Flavescens 15g, Borneol 6g, Sesame oil (or edible oil) 30g.
Defferentiation of symptoms and signs: Induce by wind-heat and damp-hot or perfuse with sewage into the ears.
Therapeutic methods: To clear away heat and toxic material and diminish inflammation.
Process: Fry the sesame oil in a pot until boiling, add the Sophora Flavescens into the pot until it is well-done, then add the Borneol, mix them up, apply it after it becomes cold, drop it into the ears for 2-3 drops, 3 times a day,

2) Flos Sophorae, Chrysanthemum and green tea, 3g for each ingredient.
Process: Infuse them with boiling water, take it as a drink.
Indications: chronic otitis media, hearing loss.

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