Otitis Media TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for otitis media

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External Medicine
Drip 20 to 30% Goldthread (or Phellodendron) Ear Drops into the ear, three drops each time, twice to three times a day. It is applicable for suppurative tympanitis of acute and chronic type.
Pound the fresh Hu'ercao ( Herba Saxifragae ) to paste to draw the juice. Drip the juice into the ear, three drops once, twice or three times a day. It is applicable for acute and suppurative tympanitis.

Acupoints Massage
(1) Massaging tympanic membrane:The method originated from Vol. 27 of the book Jingyue Quanshu ( Zhang Jingyue's Complete Works ). Plug the middle finger into the opening of the external auditory canal and press it gently. Press it once and release the finger once. This is one cycle. Repeat the cycle on the both sides for 15 to 30 times respectively, three times a day. Or use the middle finger tip to shake the internal auditory canal for dozens of times. The method can massage the tympanic membrane and promote qi flow as well as blood circulation. It also has positive effects on the restoration of hearing.

(2) Blowing air to remove obstruction of orifices:The method originated from the book Baosheng Miyao (Secrets of Health Preservation). Hold the nostrils firmly between the thumb and index finger of the right hand without releasing. Meanwhile, make the action of blowing the nose but still hold the nostrils firmly between the fingers. In this way, air flow will rush into the auditory tube of the nasopharynx. The method can relieve the symptoms of otic distension and obstruction. Do it three times a day. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

(3) Beating the drum:The method originated from the General Introduction to the Twelve-section Brocade of the book Diagrams of Internal Qigong. Regulate respiration first. Then, press the occipital region symmetrically and horizontally with the index fingers, middle fingers, ring fingers and little fingers of both hands. The two middle fingers touch each other. At this time, stick up the index fingers and place them on the middle fingers oftheirrespectivehandsoverlappingly. Next, flick the index fingers off the middle fingers to strike the occipital bone forcefully. At this time,the patient can hear the loud and clear sound like beating drum, hence the name beating drum. Do it for 24 times respectively with the left and right hands.Afterwards, do it for 48 times with both hands simultaneously. The method also dredges meridians and collaterals, promotes qi flow and blood circulation.

Cupping Therapy
Acupoints selected: Main acupoints: Tinggong (SI 19), Ermen (SJ 21), Waiguan (TE5). Matching acupoints: Patients with effulgent liver-gallbladder fire, add Xingjian (LR2), Taichong (LR 3), Zulinqi (GB41); Patients with external contraction wind-fire, add Dazhui (GV14), Hegu (LI 4); Patients with kidney deficiency, add Shenshu (BL23), Mingmen (DU4), Taixi (KI3).
Manipulation: 1) Ask the patients to adopt side-lying position, regularly sterilize to the acupoints, apply quick puncture with triangular needle to the acupints for 2-3 times, then cupping to the acupoints quickly, retained for 10-15 minutes, until the local red congestion or right amount of bleeding occurs.
2) Apply quick puncture with triangular needle to swollen blood collaterals near the Tinggong (SI 19) and Ermen (SJ 21) until bleeding.
3) Treat one time every other day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

Foot Massage
Basic reflection areas: ears, labyrinth of the inner ears.
Related reflection areas: cerebrum, trigeminal.
Symptom reflection areas: live, spleen, lymph node of the upper body.
Reflexotherapy is taken up of 10-15 times as a course of treatment, 30-40 times each time, 1-2 times each day, repeat it after 1-2 days. Soak both feet with light salt water to recover the sensitivity of feet to massage.

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