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What're the folk recipes for otitis media

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(1) Put 0.5g of borneol into vivipara, take the secretion and drop it into the ears. It can treat middle ear inflammation, ulcers or swelling and pain in the ear.

(2) Grind 30g of Pseeudosciaenae Otolithum, 2g indigo naturalis and 3g borneol into powder, blow into the nose, once a day. It’s applicable to purulent otitis media, nasosinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, etc.

(3) Ingredients: Rhizoma Coptidis (Huanglian) 10g, borneol 1g. Grind Coptis Chinensis into powder first, then add borneol in it to grind, put the powder into a bottle. When usage, firstly, regularly sterilize external auditory canal pus and scab with 3% hydrogen peroxide, or normal saline, or strong tea, then dry the ear with the clean absorbent cotton, then blow the powder into the ears with straw or small paper tube, 2-3 times a day, it can get the effect after 3-5 days. This prescription treats acute and chronic purulent otitis media.

(4) Boil 6 eggs until well-done, put the yolks into an iron pan, boil them over a slow fire until oil get out. When usage, drop the egg oil into the ears after regular sterilization, if the egg oil is solid, warm it until it is melt for usage, 3-4 drops each time, 2-3 times a day, generally the syndrome will be relieved after continuously apply for 4-6 days, and 7-16 days for cure. This recipe has the effect of clearing heat and reducing the swelling. It’s applicable to acute and chronic otitis media.

(5) Ingredients: Nidus vespae 30g, Amur Corktree Bark 15g, Calcined alum 6g, borneol 3g.
Process: Decoct the first two ingredients, then put it upon the tile, bake it until it becomes yellow, then grind it with the last two ingredients into powder, put the powder into a bottle. When usage, blow the powder into the ears with a straw or small paper tube after regular sterilization, or mix the powder with sesame oil, drop 3-5 drops into the ears, twice a day. Generally, patients can be cured after applying for 2-3 days, 5-10 days for chronic patients.

(6) Ingredients: Right amount of walnut kernel and borneol. Process: Mash the walnut kernel thoroughly (or stew it until it is well-done), wrap the walnut kernel with clean gauze, squeeze the oil for about 15ml, add the 1-1.5g of borneol, then stir them until the borneol is melt. When usage, drop the 2-3 drops of liquor into the ears after regular sterilization, then stuff up the ears with the cotton balls, 3 times a day and apply it continuously for 5-10 days.

(7) Mash 2 fresh raw garlic and one towel gourd thoroughly, wrap them with gauze, squeeze the juice, then drop 3-4 drops into ears each time, 3 times a day.

(8) Mix 50g of fresh pig’s bile (or chicken bile) with 5g borneol, then drop the mixture into ears. Continue to read Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

(9) Dandelion, Plantain Herb, Philippine Violet Herb, 30g for each ingredient, decoct them in the water, take it one dose a day, dived it into three times to drink, continuously taking for 3-4 days.

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