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Definition of prostatitis in TCM

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definition of prostatitis in tcmProstatitis is a commonly and frequently encountered disease in the young and middle-aged males. In accordance with the clinical features, it can be divided into acute and chronic, or bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis. Clinically, chronic and non-bacterial prostatitis are most common. Acute prostatitis is usually caused by bacteria infection, manifested mainly by frequency, urgency and pain in urination, distending pain and discomfort in the perineum, and dysuria. It belongs to the category of "Dribbling Syndrome" and is seldom seen clinically. In addition to a few cases developed from acute prostatitis, most patients in chronic prostatitis do not have any definite history of acute infection and clinically frequency and urgency of urination, dribbling urination, discomfort in the lower abdomen, perineum and lumbosacral region, and urethral dribbling of white substance are the main manifestations.

It is believed in Chinese medicine that this disease belongs to the categories of "Essence Turbidity" and "White Turbidity", mostly caused by internal production of damp heat and downward transmission of damp heat into the bladder, due to indulgence of spicy and irritaring foodstuffs and excessive drinking of wines, or by deficiency of the kidney essence, crazy motion of the Premier Fire and disturbance of the vesicle due to over sexuality and frequent masturbation, or by unclean sexual intercourse and invasion of pathogenic dampness and heat. Clinically, it is easy to cure acute prostatitis, but difficult to treat chronic prostatitis, because of complicated causative reasons, varying and intractable symptoms and easy recurrence. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Prostatitis.

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