Prostatitis TCM Therapy

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Typical cases of prostatitis treatment

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Typical case 1 : A male of 30. The diagnosis was aseptic prostitis. The manifestations were continuously distending pain of the lower abdomen for over six months, reddish tongue, yellowish, thick and greasy fur in the middle of the tongue root, stringy, slippery and rapid pulse. In order to treat the first cause of stagnation of the liver meridianal qi and downward flow of dampheat, select Weiyang (BL 39), and apply blood-letting puncturing and cupping to purge away damp-heat;  then needle Yinlingquan (SP 9) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6), reduce first and reinforce next to treat the primary cause; finally prick Dadun (LR 1 ) to bleed with the three-edged needle to purge damp-heat in the liver meridian. The next day, the symptoms were alleviated evidently. Then Fuliu (KI 7) was added. After 6 times of treatment, the symptoms eliminated. After 10 months follow-up survey, the patient did not have a relapse.

Typical case 2: A male of 58. Main complaints: Frequency of micturition and vesical tenesmus for 2 years, which were aggravated for 2 months. Having taken Qianlieping for 1 month, but no effect showed. At that time, the manifestations were as follows: app. 12 times micturition a day, 6 - 7 times nocturnal micturition a night, vague pain of the lower abdomen, tenesmic sensation of the perineum, aching pain of the lumbosacral portion, swollen and dim tongue with whitish fur, sunken and small pulse. Routine examination of prostatic secretion: Lecithin corpuscle ( + ), leukocyte ( + ), pyocyte ( + ). Cultivation of prostatic secretion: growth of gram-positive coccus. The diagnosis was chronic prostitis. Acupoints selected:

① Guanyuan (CV 4), Zhongji (CV 3), Shuidao (ST 28), Zusanli (ST 36), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Taixi (KI 3) ;
Shenshu (BL23), Qihaishu (BL24), Ciliao (BL 32), Yinlingquan (SP 9), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Taixi (KI 3). Choose the two groups alternately. After the acuesthesia was felt, put through the electro-pulse instrument of G6805 with the needles in Shuidao (ST 28) vs. Zusanli (ST 36) or Qihaishu (BL24) vs. Sanyinjiao (SP6). Adopt uneven wave, monitor it to the tolerance of the patient. Retain the needles for 20 minutes. After 2 courses of treatment, times of micturition were 6 - 7 times a day, and those of nocturnal micturition were 1 - 2 times. The symptoms such as vague pain of the lower abdomen eliminated, and reexamination of prostatic secretion was normal. After six months follow-up survey, the disease did not recur.

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