Rhinitis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for rhinitis

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1) Dish with both Agarics
Put the Jew’s-ear and the tremella into the warm water to make them bulge, cut off their pedicel; wash the fresh celery clean and cut them into chunks; rend the both agarics into the small pieces; Soak all the ingredients in the boiling water and take them out; season with the fine salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine and the sesame oil and serve.
Effect: To nourish yin and the lung, engender liquid, cool the blood, arouse the brain and reduce the blood pressure.

2) Get 250g of lily, peel the coating and cook them in water until they are soft; add the crystal sugar and serve. It is helpful to nourish the lung and promote qi and is applicable to the rhinitis with short breath, weak and a sense of suppression in the chest. 

3) Get 12g of peach kernels; soak them into the warm water to make them bulge and cook with 20 red dates until they are done. Add moderate sugar and serve. It is helpful to nourish the blood and invigorate the blood circulation and is applicable to the rhinitis with red tongue with bruise on the tongue edge.

4)Get 10 of the dry tremella and put into the water to make them bulge; cook with the low fire until they are done; add in 1-2 egg white and mix them up while cooking; take it daily and it is helpful to nourish the lung and qi; it is applicable to the atrophic rhinitis with dry lips and mouth.

5) Get 45g of peanuts (with coating) and 100g of the polished round-grained rice to cook for the gruel; add moderate crystal sugar and serve. It is helpful to nourish the spleen and the stomach and remove the dampness evil; it is applicable to the anaphylactic rhinitis of the deficiency of the spleen and stomach type. 

6) Get 6 sliced gingers and 6 chunked scallion stalks to cook for the soup; add moderate brown sugar and take it when it is hot. It is helpful to warm the middle energizer, dispelling the cold and removing obstruction of the orifice. It is applicable to the anaphylactic rhinitis due to catching cold in the rain.

7) Get 10g of the chrysanthemum and 5g of the jasmine and infuse them in boiling water for a drink; or decoct the two ingredients until it is boiling and warm the nose with the steam of the decoction. It is helpful to remove obstruction of the orifice with the aroma and is applicable to the patients with the obvious nasosinusitis and nasal obstruction.

8) For the children with the anaphylactic rhinitis and often catch cold, people can take 50g of the Radix Astragali (Huangqi), 20g of the white atractylodes rhizome, 20g of the Radix Saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng), 50g of the semen nelumbinis and a pig lung; stew all the ingredients for soup; take it a every two days.

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