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Functional exercise for rhinitis

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1) The exercises such as running in the morning, taking cold bath and washing face with cold water are helpful to strengthen the constitution and increase the body’s tolerance to cold and adaptability to bad conditions; meanwhile, people should treat disease of the upper respiratory tract and other chronic diseases positively.

2) Take running and other aerobic exercise every morning can strengthen the immunity and decrease the attack of the rhinitis.

3) Take exercise in the fall should be at the 9-10 o’clock in the morning because of that the temperature at this period is higher then that at the early morning; and people would not easy to get cold and can miss the rush hour in the morning; the air is also fresher relatively at this time and it can reduce the factors which can cause respiratory disease.

4) Take massage on the nose or press the points of the nose daily. People can often press the face or the Yingxiang (LI 20) on the nose; take exercise in summer will promote the recovery of rhinitis.

5) Press the Yingxiang (LI 20): Place the forefingers on the radialis side and press the Yingxiang on the both sides for 50 times respectively.

6) Knead the Suliao: Place the center of the right palm (the point of Laogong (PC8) on the apex nasi (Suliao) for 50 times in the direction of the anticlockwise; then press with the center of the left palm in the direction of the clockwise for 50 times.

7) Rub the nose side: Keep the palms folded and place the near-end of the thenar eminence of the hands on the both sides of the ridge of the nose; rib from the ophryon to the mouth come and go for 50 times.

8) Peck the Chengqi (ST 1) and Sibai: Peck the Chengqi (directly below the pupil) and Sibai (ST2) (1 cun below the eye, below the Chengqi) with the middle finger ends for 50 times respectively.

9) Wash the face: Push and rib the face (include the nose, forehead and the cheek) with both hands.

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