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How to prevent rhinitis

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1) Avoid all kinds of factors which may cause the decrease of the resistance such as overfatigue, insufficient sleep, catching cold, drinking, smoking, etc. It because that the regulating function of the nasal mucous membrane will be worse and the defense function will reduce when the declining of the resistance while the virus will invade to cause the disease.

2) Prevent the disease with the Chinese herbal medicine: People can take the ginger and brown sugar water to lustrate the cold evil when catching cold; people can take the formula which is made of the Schizonepeta, the root of Fangfeng, isatis root, raw liquorice to prevent from the disease during the prevailing period of the cold.  Continue to read Chinese medicine treatment for Chronic Sinusitis.

3) The anaphylactic rhinitis occurs in summer is usually the allergy to the dust and the acarid type; and which is due to the higher temperature indoor. The treatment method is to take the antianaphylaxis treatment such the insertion of the antianaphylaxis bacterin; besides, people should keep the room aeration.

4) Wash the nose with the saline water or the normal saline, and this method is very safe and without the side effect though it with the slow results; and it’s very effective for the rhinitis without the hypertrophy of nasal turbinates and the rhinopolypus. People should pay attention to the maintenance of the nasal cavity so as to prevent the recurring of the rhinitis. Washing the nose with salt water takes good effect on treatment for allergic rhinitis.

5) Pay attention to keep warm in winter to prevent from the cold; especially wear the hats or the scarf to keep the head warm; pay attention to keep the feet warm and people can put the feet in the hot water for 20 minutes daily.

6) Take exercise and moderate sports; wash the face with the cold water in the morning to strength the disease resistance of the mucosa in the nasal cavity; pay attention to improve the work environment; pay attention to the climate change and add clothes correspondingly.  Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Sinusitis.

7) People can wear the mask when going out or drip the oiliness nose drops such as the compound pennyroyal in when the climate is dry.

8) Avoid clearing the nose with the hands frequently as to prevent from the nosebleed which is due to the injury of the nasal mucosa.

9) Avoid the spicy, dry and hot food and keep a bland diet with digestible food; drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruit; keep the bowels open.

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