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What are the symptoms of rhinitis

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1) Wind-Heat:
Symptoms: Sudden attack, nasal obstruction, weak smell, yellow or white nasal discharge, edema of mucosa with reddish color, enlargement of inferior nasal conchae and a little thick nasal discharge in the meatus nasi, headache, tenderness on the malar surface, fever, dry throat, red tongue with thin and yellow coating, floating and rapid pulse. Continue to read more Symptoms of Acute Rhinitis in TCM.

2) Wind-Cold:
Symptoms: Severe nasal obstruction, thin nasal discharge with whitish color, aversion to cold and fever, no sweating, pain of the head and the body, light red tongue with thin and white coating.

3) Dampness-Heat in the Spleen and the Stomach:
Symptoms: Profuse, yellow and thick nasal discharge, long-term nasal obstruction, edema of mucosa with reddish color, fever, headache, lassitude, fatigue, poor appetite, yellow urine an dry stool, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, smooth and rapid pulse. It is treated by clearing away heat and removing the dampness, eliminating turbidity to dredge orifice.

4) Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder:
Symptoms: Yellow and thick nasal discharge and even with fishiness and blood, nasal obstruction, weak smell, severe headache,  edema of mucosa with reddish color, pus in the meatus nasi, bitter mouth and dry throat, tinnitus, deaf, gadget, poor sleeping, red urine and dry stool, red tongue with yellow coating and thready and rapid pulse.

5) Overstock of the Evil and Toxin, Qi stagnation and Blood stasis:
Symptoms: Edema of mucosa with dark red color, nasal obstruction and profuse and yellow-thick or white nasal discharge, weak smell, cough with heavy phlegm, tinnitus, deaf, red tongue or with petechia, wiry and thready pulse.

6) Deficiency of the Spleen Qi:
Symptoms: Evil in the nasal cavity, edema of mucosa with reddish color, alternant light and heavy nasal obstruction, thin nasal discharge which will be severer when facing cold, a little swelling of the head, poor appetite, loose stool, lassitude, pale tongue with white and greasy coating, slow and weak pulse. Continue to read TCM Diagnosis for Acute Rhinitis.

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