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What're the folk recipes for rhinitis

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1) Get 30-40 cocklebur fruits, break them gently and put into the aluminium pot; add in 50g of the benne oil and fry the cocklebur fruit with the low fry; get the fried oil by remove the dregs and preserve in the clean bottle; apply it in the nasal cavity with the sterilized cotton ball; take it 2-3 times daily and two weeks for a course of treatment. People should pay attention to that the oil should be applied in the deep part of the nasal cavity; and people should keep applying the oil continually until the disease is treated.

2) Get 30g of the 30g of the first-class Longjing tea and 6g of the cortex phellodendri chinense and grind them into the fine powder; sniff a little of the powder into the nose and take it several times a day; it is helpful to clear away the heat and reduce the fire, remove the toxin and the pus; it is applicable to the nasosinusitis, nasal obstruction and the secretion with purulence.

3) Chew a honeycomb for about 10 minutes and then spit the dregs; take it three times daily and it is applicable to the anaphylactic rhinitis and the nasosinusitis. 

4) Get 15g of the magnoliae flos and two eggs and cook them in moderate water; peel the eggs when it is done; go on cooking the peeled eggs for a while and drink the soup and eat the eggs; it can remove the toxin and diminish inflammation; it is applicable to chronic nasosinusitis and all kinds of rhinitis.

5) Get moderate sesame oil and drip two drops into the both nasal cavities respectively; take it twice a day and it is helpful to moisten dryness, clear away heat and remove the swelling; it is applicable to the atrophic rhinitis and the rhinitis which attacks in autumn. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Rhinitis.

6) Get 60g of the cirsii japonica and 3 eggs, cook in water until the eggs are done; take it once daily for a week; it is helpful to nourish the lung and remove the toxin, nourish yin to stop the bloodletting; it is applicable to the nasosinusitis and the nosebleed which are due to the fire invading the lung.

7) Get some immature small ternip and peel the coat; take the spiciest layer and crush it to get the juice; drip the moderate juice into the nose until a sensation of the anaesthetization is gained; pay attention to avoid the juice inpouring into the throat and it’s better lie on the bed and keep the head on the pillow; repeat the manipulation for 2-4 times repeatedly, take it once every night and the disease can be treated.

8) Get 20g of the fistular onion fibrous root, 6g of mint and 15g of the fructus viticis; decoct all the ingredients in water to get the juice; take it as a drink and one dose daily; it is applicable to the acute and chronic rhinitis.

9) Get 9g of ginger, 9g of Chinese-dates and 70g of brown sugar; decoct the above ingredients with water to get the juice; take it as a drink and one dose daily for 3-5 days; it is applicable to the acute rhinitis.

10) Get moderate shallots and pound them to get the juice; soak the cotton ball into the juice and apply it to the inner of the nasal cavity; it is applicable to the rhinitis. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Rhinitis.

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