Thecal Cyst TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for thecal cyst

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1) Keep a habit of washing hands with warm water after work; move the hands appropriately and take massage by oneself; this disease should be treated in time to avoid it turns into the chronic type.

2) Twist the wrist and take some gentle hand exercises to relieve the pain; twist for about 2 minutes; which can exercise all the muscles on the wrist and recover the blood circulation; the bent position of wrist can also be eliminated, which is the main reason cause the symptoms of the pain in the wrist, etc.

3) Raise the arms higher than the head; twist the wrist while twisting the wrist; which is helpful to adjust the position of shoulder, neck and back; take rest at the intervals of work, place the hands on the desk and twist the head for 2 minutes; twist it upward or backwards, towards the left or right while keep the head toughing the shoulders.

4) Take regular exercises. Take exercise daily is very important for all kinds of sore and pain of muscles even there is no pain is felt. The exercises should be taken 4 times a day at least.

4) Exercise of holding the fist
Hold the fist gently, then splay and keep the fingers straight; repeating it is helpful to relieve the stabbing pain. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Ganglion Cyst.

6) For the people take the long-term work with computer, the symposium cavity of hand joint may injury due to the long-term holding of mouse or improper position; then the thecal cyst can be caused; so, the long time using of computers should be avoided and take some indoor sports at rest; there should be intervals of 5-10 minutes during work; besides, people can take the pliability exercise, or the local massage, or the exercise for muscles on the shoulder, neck, upper limbs and wrist to increase the compliance and muscle force.

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