Thecal Cyst TCM Therapy

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How to prevent thecal cyst

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1) Keep an right position at work and regular rest, avoid over-strain of joints.

2) Wash hands and feet with hot water; douche the effected area with hot water after hard work, which can activate the qi-blood of local parts and promote blood circulation.

3) Avoid the pressure focusing on the base of wrist when using tools; try the best to use elbow and shoulder.

4) Ice compress can eliminate the swelling; avoid applying the wrist with the hot-water bag to prevent the extending of swelling area. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Ganglion Cyst.
5) Avoid the arms drooping and keep them straight closed to the body when taking sleep; if the arms are drooping at the side of bed, which will crease the pressure on hands.

6) Eat more vegetables such as the rape, greengrocery, celery, etc., the food which contains plenty of protein and calcium, lean meat, chicken, egg, soy-bean milk and so on.

7) Eat more fruit such as the orange, apple, pear, haw, etc. which can supplement the vitamin and balance the nutrition.

8) Take proper amount of vitamin B6 according to the instruction, which is helpful to relieve pain in the wrist.

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