Thecal Cyst TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for thecal cyst

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External Medicine
a. Tendon-smoothing manipulation:
For the case with a thin wall of cyst, finger-pressure method may be applied to make the cyst broken. If the cyst is in the wrist, the wrist should be flexed toward palm as much as possible so that the cyst is prominent and fixed. The operator uses his two thumbs to do counter pressure on the cyst forcefully to break it off. Then he applies massage manipulation for resolving swelling and promoting blood flow. Finally, local bandaging is done for one or two days.

For the case with thick cystic wall and low tension inside the cyst and that the cyst can not be broken by pressure, a three-edged needle is used to prick the cyst. After withdrawing the needle, press around the cyst to make its content spread over subcutaneously, then pressure bandaging with sterile dressing is applied for one or two days.

b. For the case whose cystic wall has been broken with small cyst and localized hypertrophy, Huixiang wine may be externally applied, or Wanying Plaster is externally applied in order to promote resolving the mass.

c. Take 50g of Chinese Polyphaga, 35g of Pinellia ternata, 15g of safflower and 10g of scorpio and grind them into fine powder; soak in rice wine for 2 weeks; apply it on the effected area till a heat sensation is gained; which is helpful to activate blood circulation and reduce swelling. 

d. Prick into the cyst with the triangle-edged needle, then squeeze the white fluid out; later, apply the Bailing Ointment or Dujiaolian Ointment on the effected area; this method has special effect.

(2) Acupoints Massage
1) Press a tender spot on the left hand with the right thumb and both sides to be taken on alternatively; the disease can be cured if taking it for several months continuously.

2) For the pain and discomfort on the joints after work, people can move the joint and massage the joints by themselves from the shallower to the deeper.

3) Place the effected area of wrist on the desk which is covered with the pillow; keep the dorsal side of wrist upward and the palms a little bent; beat the cyst quickly and rightly with the object (such as the bent pad for changing medicine) which is held in the other hand; the cyst can be broken just by beating once; then knead the effected area gently with the thumb offside for 1-2 minutes; it is applicable to the patients with bigger cyst. 

4) Press the cyst with the thumbs gently to fix it up; then pushing along the meridians with heavy strength till the ringing is gained; keep the finger tip on the place and twist it to left and right for 1-2 minutes; it is with great effect in treating thecal cyst.

5) Squeezing and beating method: Push the cyst with the left the thumb and bent the joint toward to the offside; which make the cyst under the biggest tension; then press it vertically downwards of heavy strength with the right thumb; most of the cyst could be broken and the swelling would disappear under this condition; after that, knead-press the effected area for about 10 minutes daily; take it once a day for a week.

(3) Guasha Therapy
1) Points selected: Taiyuan (LU9), Daling (PC7), Shenmen (HT 7), Yangxi (LI 5), Yangchi (TE4), Yanglao (SI 6), Jiexi (ST 41), Weizhong (BL 40), Yinlingquan (SP9), Ququan (LR8) and Yanglingquan (GB 34).
2) Manipulation: Keep an angle of 45 degree between the scraping board and the skin; apply the scraping oil and scrape the points directly till the toxin mark is gained; the potency dimension should make the patients comfortable.

(4) Cupping Therapy
Warm acupuncture and cupping:
1) Main point: Ashi.
2) Manipulation: The local area of cyst is needled vertically with the 1 cun long filiform needle; two needles are needled on both sides at the same time; then a 2cm long moxa cone are added for each needle; take cupping with minisize jar  for 3-5 minutes after the moxa cone are burned out; the yellow and thick fluid is moved out will be ok; after that, apply sterilized dressing and fix it up; take the acupuncture again 2-3 days after one course of treatment if the disease isn’t cured.

(5) Foot Massage
Basic Reflection Zone: Liver, spleen.
Related Reflection Zone: Thyroid glad, glandulae parathyroideae.
Symptom Reflection Zone: Lymph gland in pelvic cavity, abdominal lymph gland.
Course of the Reflection Therapy: 10~15 times for one course of treatment, 30-40 minutes for one time, and 1-2 times a day. Take rest for 1-2days between two courses of treatment. During this period, put the feet in pale salt water to recover the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

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