Thecal Cyst TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for thecal cyst

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1) Cactus
Method: Choose a piece of cactus which’ s area is a little bigger than the effected part, remove the thorns and peel one side of it; then apply the peeled side on the effected area and fix it with the medical adhesive plaster; change the cactus every another day and the swelling will disappeared after changing application for 3 times.  

2) Treatment with the raw Gardenia.
Get 10g of raw Fructus Gardeniae (Zhizi), 30g of gypsum, 9g of peach kernel, 12g of safflower and 6g of cockroach and grind them into powder; soak the powder in the 75 percent of alcohol for an hour; then mix it with the moderate castor oil in to the paste for later use; smear the mixture on the gauze, then apply the gauze on the effected area and fix it with the medical adhesive plaster; change it every another day and an obvious effect will be gained after 1-2 times of treatment.
3) Treatment with vinegar
Cook the vinegar till it is boiling; then soak the effected area in it; the pain will disappear after about 2 days of this method.

4) Treatment with White Spirit
Take 50g of white spirit with 60 degree and pour into a bowel; burn it and soak hand into it while it is on fire; apply it on the effected area and then press with the heavy strength; this method without side effects and can be taken for several times; then the problem can be treated. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Ganglion Cyst.

5) Zhonghua Dieda Bolus
Soak a Zhonghua Dieda Bolus into 20ml of 95 percent of alcohol; then apply it on the effected area for several times a day.
6) Wash the effected area with hot water and then wipe it dry; apply on it with the ointment (Shangshi Zhitong Ointment, Shexiang Zhuangu Ointment, etc.); then roast the ointment with the infrared lamp for 30 minutes; change the application every another day; the intensity and position of the infrared lamp can be adjusted at will to the tolerance of patients; the disease can be treated after 3-4 months of this treatment.

7) Take 60g of Glauber’s salt and garlic respectively and pound them into paste for later use. For the patients with the cyst on the swelling joint and the back of hand, the amount of Glauber’s salt should be more than those of garlic (6:4); for the patients with the cyst on the popliteal and knee joint, the amount of Glauber’s salt should be less than those of garlic (4:6); apply the a layer of vaseline on the effected area before taking the paste to avoid injury; then bind up with a piece of cloth; if a heat sensation of the skin and headache are gained after the application for 2-4 minutes, people should remove the paste and vaseline; and take it after half an hour; it is applicable to the thecal cyst of the obstruction of cold and phlegm-dampness type. 

8) Take 15g of safflower and 100ml and wine; soak the safflower into the hot wine and take out it immediately; rub the effected area with it repeatedly for several times a day; it is applicable to the thecal cyst.

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