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Dietary therapy for urinary infection

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1) Juncus Effuses 10g, Bamboo leaf 10g, Semen Coicis 50g.
Process: Decoct Juncus Effuses and Bamboo leaf in the water, take the decoction to boil with Semen Coicis into gruel, season it with crystal sugar before eating. It has the effect of promoting urination and resolving toxin.

2) Commelina Communis L 15g, Semen Coicis (Yiyiren) 50g, crystal sugar right amount.
Process: Decoct Commelina Communis L in the water, take one bowl of decoction; boil Semen Coicis into 2 bowls of gruels; mix the gruel with the decoction evenly, season it with crystal sugar before eating. It has the effect of clearing heat, resolving toxin and promoting urination.

3) Talcum 20-30g, Dianthus Superbus 10g, polished round-grained rice 50-100g.
Process: Wrap the Talcum into a cloth and decoct with Dianthus Superbus in the water, take the decoction and get rid of the dregs, add polished round-grained rice to boil into gruel, twice a day, divide into two times to eat, 3-5 days as a course of treatment. It’s applicable to poor urination, frequent micturition, urgent and painful urination caused by acute cystitis.

4) Green Bean Gruel (Qingxiaodou Zhou)
Mung Bean, 50g
Tetrapanax Papyriferus, 10g
Wheat, 50g
PROCESS: Decoct Tetrapanax Papyriferus in the 2000ml water, take 1000ml decoction, get rid of the dregs and boil with Mung Bean for eating, twice a day, divide into two times to eat. This recipe is applicable to syndromes of deficiency of both the spleen and kidney and toxin accumulation in the lower jiao.

5) Fresh Mung Bean Sprout 500g.
Process: Squeeze juice from it and add right amount of white sugar, frequently take it as a drink. This recipe has the effect on urinary infection, dark urine, frequent micturition, etc.

6) Radix Astragali (Huangqi) 30g, Cogongrass Rhizome 30g, Herba Cistanchis (Roucongrong) 20g, Watermeion Peel 60g.
Process: Decoct all the ingredients in the water, add right amount of white sugar, take 2-3 times a day. This recipe has the effect of tonifying the qi and the kidney, promoting urination and dispersing swelling. It has specially good effect on urinary infection.

7) Fresh Sugarcane 500g, soft Lotus Root 500g.
Process: Remove the peels of Sugarcane and cut into pieces, squeeze juice from it; remove the nodes of lotus root and cut into pieces, take the lotus juice to mix with the Sugarcane juice, three times a day. This recipe can treat dark urine and other diseases.

8) Fresh Semen Plantaginis (Cheqianzi) 60-90g (Dried for 20-30g), pork small tripe 200g, right amount of table salt.
Process: Cut the pork small tripe into small pieces, stew with right amount of water and Plantago Asiatica into soup, season it with table salt before eating, twice a day. This recipe has the curative effect of treating cystitis and urethritis.

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