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How to prevent urinary infection

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(1) Insist in drinking a plenty of water. The urine of renal excretion, which has washing function for bladder and urinary tract, is beneficial to discharge bacteria. Drinking a plenty of water daily and urinating every 2-3 hours can avoid the propagation of bacteria in the urinary tract and reduce morbidity of urinary infection, which is the practical and effective way to prevent urinary infection. At the onset of disease or the remittent stage, drinking a plenty of water daily is beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Drinking tea or taking lophatherum gracile as a drink also have a certain of preventive effect.

(2) Pay attention to personal hygiene: A large number of bacteria populate in   woman's cunnus and urethral orifice, which is a prerequisite for the onset of urinary infection. Therefore, woman should always pay attention to clean the cunnus, take shower bath frequently rather than bathing in the pool or with tub, and changes underwear frequently. Particular attention should be paid in the period of newly-married, menstruation, pregnancy and puerperium. For baby girls, their diapers should be changed frequently.

(3) Remove chronic infection factors: chronic colitis and chronic gynecological diseases easily cause urinary infection, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and other chronic diseases through the lymphatic pathway. Due to the poor body resistance, people are prone to urinary infection. Taking the active treatments for the above diseases is an important measure for preventing urinary infection recurrence and it is also the key to treat urinary infection. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection.

(4) Try to avoid using urinary tract devices and intubations: urinary tract devices easily brings the bacteria in the distal urethra distal to the bladder and upper urinary. Using urinary tract intubations is prone to persistent bacteriuria. So, people should avoid using them. If needed, the urinary tract devices and intubations must be sterilized strictly. After using the urinary tract devices for 48 hours, patient should get the examination of the urine cultivated in order to observe whether the urinary infected or not.

Before using the urinary tract equipment, patient who already be infected with bacteria should control the infection. Some patients, who are not infected with bacteriaria at present but suffered from recurrent urinary infection or urinary tract abnormalities before, also need to take antimicrobial medicine before and after 48 hours of urinary tract devices examination in order to prevent infection. In the first three days of catheter retention, taking antimicrobial agent can prevent or delay urinary infection. But it doesn’t work after three days. Connecting closed drainage system with urethral catheter retention can reduce the urinary infection.
(5) Preventability of taking medicine: Besides the prevention of urinary tract devices and intubations mentioned above, patient should pay attention to the following three aspects. 
1) Female patients with recurrent of the disease which related to the sexual life, should urinate immediately after sexual life. Patients with VUR (Vesicoureteral Reflux) should urinate repeatedly, and take an antimicrobial medicine for prevention accordance with conventional dosage. It’s much better to take it before sexual life. According to the Asscher statistics, the effective rate of this method is 80%. Stamey thinks that female patients with recurrence of the disease may be infected by the hellhole in redundant prepuce of her partner. In this case, the female patient should suggest her partner to receive treatment in hospital.

2) For women with frequent occurrence of urinary infection, even though the attack of this disease may not be relevant to sexual life, taking one dose of antimicrobial drug every evening for prevention can also greatly reduce the incidence of urinary infection,

3) During the menstrual period, gestation period, and fatigue or low resistance period, short-term preventive medication can play a preventive role. Before sleeping, they can take one dose of antibacterial drug to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which takes a good effect on preventing and treating the urinary infection.

(6) Insist in taking treatment: After appropriate antibiotic treatment for the acute simple urinary infection, usually the clinical symptoms disappeare within 2-3 days, and bacteriaria disappeare within 3-5 days, urinary sediment turn into normal within 7 days. The cure rate of clinical symptoms of the complexity urinary infection is low. It can be treated unless the obstruction is corrected. The persistence or recurrence of bacteriaria within 2 years reaches 50% -80% (it recurs often ). Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Urinary Tract Infection.

There is no symptoms in persistence of bacteriuria and also no obvious changes in the urine routine examination. In the course of disease last for many years, acute urinary infection occurs intermittently. Therefore, chronic urinary infection patient should adhere to treatment by doctor and take medicine strictly. Even if the symptoms disappear, patient also should go to hospital for regular reexamine until the bacterial cultivation of urine is normal after several times, or the taking of medicine could be stopped until the disease doesn’t recur after the planned course of treatment.

 (7) To avoid over eating pungent and greasy foods, such as pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic, fried food and other spicy and greasy foods, because those foods can produce dampness and heat easily, resulting in damp-heat pouring down to bladder to induce this disease.

(8) To avoid overwork. Excessive physical labor or sexual life can easily lead to yinqi impairment, exuberant yang-heat, environment change in the body, weakened immunity, thus resulting in urinary infection or recurrence.

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