Alopecia Areata TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for alopecia areata

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1) Ingredients: Equant amount of Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Heshouwu), Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Danggui) and Semen Biotae (Baiziren) respectively.
Administration: Bake and grind the above drugs into fine powder, filter with 80-100 mesh screen and make into pill with honey, 9g for each pill, take a pill for each time, three times a day.

2) Ingredients: Rhizoma Polygonati (Huangjing) 10g, Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata (Shudihuang) 10g, Fructus Psoraleae (Buguzhi) 10g
Administration: crunch all of the ingredients above into pieces for oral use with boiled water.

3) Ingredients: Endothelium Corneum Gigeriae Galli (Jineijin) 100g
Administration: Fry and grind the drug into fine powder, 1.5g for each time, three times a day, eat it with warm boiled water before meals.

4) Ingredients: Poria (Fuling)  500g
Administration: Dry and grind the drug into fine powder, store it in a bottle. Take 6g each time, twice a day, Or take 10g with boiled water before sleeping.

5) Ingredients: Walnut Kernel 30g, Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Heshouwu) 20g, Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 5g
Administration: Chop the above drugs into pieces and soak into the boiling water, drink as tea.

6) Ingredients: vinegar 130ml, Hot water 200ml
Administration: Pour vinegar into hot water and wash hair, once a day and wash the hair with this method often.

7) Ingredients: Hei fuzi ( Black radix aconiti carmichaeli) 15g, Manjingzi(fructus viticis) 15g, Semen Biotae (Baiziren) 15g
Administration: Grind the above drugs into powder, mix evenly with silkie fat, and seal in the china plate for 100 days, then spread on the affected part.

8) Ingredients: Sesame flower. Take the flower in march of the lunar calendar and store in the glass bottle and seal when the flowers are still wet, then bury the bottle in about 30cm underground, seal with clay. Take the bottle out in september of the lunar calendar after hot summer days, use the liquid.
Administration: Wash head clean, and wipe liquid on the affected part with gauze, once a day, usually it can work effectively after using less than ten times. It will grow hair after 20-30 days.

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