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Definition of bronchitis in TCM

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definition of bronchitis in tcmBronchitis refers to trachea, bronchus mucosa and the around tissue specificity inflammation. Most of bronchitis is caused by bacteria or virus infection. According to epidemiological survey, the main viruses are rhinovirus, syncytial virus, influenza virus, rubella virus, etc. It can divide into two kinds: acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. It is also named "cough", or "phlegm and retained fluid" in TCM. TCM believes that the bronchitis pathogenesis has two factors: internal factor and external factor. External factor is caused by six excesses invading lungs, leading to lung losing dispersion and descent, while the internal factor is caused by functional disturbance of viscera, inner evil or lungs deficiency, further contraction of external evil, leading to lungs don’t govern the qi without dispersion, qi counterflow and cough. So, the treatment of bronchitis should focus on eliminating inflammation, dredging channels and regulating pulmonary functions. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis.
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