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What are the symptoms of bronchitis

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1. Warm-dryness Attacking the Lung
Chief Manifestations: Cough with little sputum which is difficult to expectorate, dry and sore throat, dry nose and mouth, red tongue tip, thin and yellow tongue coating with little moisture, thready and rapid pulse.

2. Wind-heat Attacking the Lung
Chief Manifestations: Hoarse cough with white or yellow sputum, dry and sore throat, or cough with hoarse voice, or fever, slight aversion to wind and cold, yellow nasal discharge, thirst, headache, red tongue tip, thin and yellow coating, and superficial and rapid pulse. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis.

3. Accumulation of Phlegm-heat in the Lung
Chief Manifestations: Cough with hoarse breath, profuse sputum which is sticky and yellow or hot and stinking, or blood-stained and difficult expectoration, distending sensation in the chest and hypochondrium, chest pain induced by cough, flushed face, fever, dry mouth with a desire to drink, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, and smooth and rapid pulse.

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