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How TCM diagnoses bronchitis

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(1) The main manifestation of acute bronchitis are cough, acute onset, dry aching cough, after 3-4 days, the secretion increase and become moisture, long cough with light pain and vomiting, nose outflow serous fluid, serous sticky or mucus nasal fluid, the fluid become more when coughing. In chest auscultation, the vesicular sound increase in the early stage of the illness, it can be heard dry rale after 2-3 days due to bronchial mucosal swelling and sticky exudate secreting. It can be heard wet rale when a large amount of thin secretion in the bronchus, mainly wet rale with more big and medium bubble. In the chest percussion, there are no changes with slight syndrome of the whole body, the temperature is normal or slight higher 0.5-1℃ than the normal temperature, breath increase, for the epidemical bronchitis, manifested with fever and serious symptom in whole body. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis.

(2) The main manifestation of chronic bronchitis are long-term and intractable cough, in the evening with lower temperature or stimulating by the foods, manifested as frequent cough, when without complication, the temperature and pulse is normal, in the early stage of the illness, the breath is no changeable, but difficulty in breathing later due to bronchial mucosal hyperplasia of connective tissue become thicken, then bronchial lumen become stenosis, when emphysema occurs, more difficulty in breathing, manifested as respiratory and mixed, with intercostal excavation and ditch. In the chest auscultation, vesicular sound increase, the vesicular sound decrease when emphysema, it can be heard dry rale. In the chest percussion, the sound is loud and the lungs are fatty. In the X-ray examination, the bronchial lungs shadow is increased and extended.

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