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How to prevent bronchitis

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(1) Preventing cough can effectively prevent the onset of chronic bronchitis and acute bronchitis.

(2) On a light and bland diet, avoid spicy foods, meat and fish. Quit smoking, drink more tea. Smoking can increase the secretions in the respiratory tract, causing reflective bronchospasm, difficult to expectoration, grow and produce virus and bacteria, which are aggravate the illness. Tea contains theophylline, which can excite the sympathetic nerve to make bronchiectasia so as to relieve cough.

(3) Have proper rest: Patients must stay in bed to rest when onset of fever and cough, otherwise, it will increase the burden of the heart and aggravate illness. Patients can get out of bed to take mild activities when bringing down fever and relieving cough. Patients should participate in appropriate activities or labors in normal time. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis.

(4) Promote expectoration: In the acute stage of bronchitis, patients should apply antitussive and expectorant drugs while using antimicrobial drugs. For elderly patients with weak constitution and more volume of sputum, the treatment should focus on eliminating phlegm, and avoid using intense antitussive drugs so as not to inhibit aggravation of the central nervous system, causing respiratory inflammation, leading to illness aggravation. Serious patients should be changed position regularly and gently massaged the chest and back to promote sputum discharge.

(5) Maintain good household sanitation, keep indoor ventilation to have fresh air and acertain of humidity, control and eliminate various kinds of harmful gases and dust. In addiction, patients should pay attention to keep warm.

(6) In the changeable climate and cold season, patients should pay attention to put on or take off cloth to avoid catching a cold and to prevent flu. Pay attention to observe illness changes to grasp the rules of onset of illness, so as to take action to treat it in advance. If patients suffer from breathe difficulty, lips and nails turning blue, edema in lower limbs, obnubilation and drowsiness, they should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Bronchitis.

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