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What're the folk recipes for bronchitis

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(1) Almond Gruel (Xingren Zhou)
Almond, 15g
Rice, 50g
PROCEE: Remove the almond peel and cusp, decoct in the water and get rid of the dregs, boil rice with the decoction until it is well-done, take it warm as the breakfast and supper.
Efficiency: To relieve cough and stop asthma, indicated for acute bronchitis. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis.

(2) Drink of Olive and Radish (Ganlan Luobo Yin)
Olive, 400g
Radish, 500-1000g
PROCESS: Decoct them in the water into soup, take it frequently as a drink.
Efficiency: To invigorate the stomach and promote digestion, relieve cough and reduce sputum, clear heat and detoxicate.

(3) Radix Stemonae Tea (Baibu Cha)
Radix Stemonae (Baibu), 100g
Honey, 500g
Water, 5000g
PROCESS: Decoct Radix Stemonae (Baibu) in the water into 1000ml, get rid of the dregs, add honey to decoct the liquid over a slow fire until it is boiled down into extract, infuse 1-2 spoonful of the extract in the boiling water for oral administration, three times a day. It’s effective to chronic bronchitis with prolonged cough.

(4) Lucid Ganoderma Tea (Lingzhi Cha): Decoct 20g Lucid Ganoderma for drinking for 3 days. It’s effective to cough, phlegm and trachea smooth spasm.

(5) Adenophora Stricta and Lily Tea (Shashen Baihe Cha)
Adenophora Stricta, 15g
Lily, 15g
Fritillaria Cirrhosa, 3g
PROCESS: Grind all the above ingredients into thick powder and infuse in the boiling water for 30 minutes, take it as a drink. It has the effect of clearing heat and boost lungs, moistening dryness and engendering liquid. It’s applicable to acute bronchitis due to dryness-heat.

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