Chronic Enteritis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for chronic enteritis

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1) Take the exercise of lifting anus and kneading abdomen before sleeping in the night; meanwhile, keep the body relaxed, getting rid of the distracting thoughts, keep a position of lying supine and eyes closed; inhaling when lifting upward and exhaling when going downward; up and down as one time and take it for 30 times.   

2) Keep the mind concentration in the anus and knead the abdomen for 200 times after lifting anus for 30 times; defecation before kneading abdomen and avoid overeating or hungry.

3) Keep the palm downward, place the right hand on the navel and the left hand on the back of the right hand; knead the abdomen in the direction of clockwise with moderate strength; enlarge the range gradually which begin from the navel and enlarge to the whole abdomen; knead a circle for one time; keep the mind concentration in the public region ( about 5cms below the navel) when kneading and read six words of "Xiaoyan ( diminishing inflammation), Zhitong (relieving pain), Quanyu ( healing)" before knead.

4) Place both hands on the navel with the left hand upon the right one when the exercise is finished; take deep breath for 3 times and get up after lying on bed for 3 minutes. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Duodenitis.

5) Take exercise for treatment should be in a persistent way; the warm and hot sensation in the abdomen, borborygmus or exhausting when kneading abdomen is a common phenomenon.

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