Chronic Enteritis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent chronic enteritis

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(1) Pay attention to family hygiene and install the window screen in the room; stamp out the fly and the cockroach. 

(2) Avoid bringing children to the public places.

(3) Avoid cold, raw and impurity food.
(4) Pay attention to the cleaning and safety of the eating implement for the children.
(5) Insulate the patients and deal with their excretion carefully. 

(6) Pay attention to the personal hygiene and health education; for the people who take care of children, they should wash their hands frequently especially after they change the diapers or contact children’s excretion as that would be helpful to prevent children from bacterial infection.

(7) Pay attention to have a good rest and increase the nutrition, eat more digestible food; keep a diet to promote the absorptive function of the spleen and stomach.

(8) Take exercise and strengthen the constitution to prevent the spleen from the pathogenic factors.

(9) Keep a smooth mood and the balance of the stomach and intestine function. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Duodenitis.

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