Chronic Enteritis TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for chronic enteritis

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1) Bake the old megranate peel dry and grind them into powder; take 9g of it with the watery rice water for once daily; it is applicable to the chronic diarrhea which attack at the unsure time; avoid cold, raw, greasy, and indigestible food.

2) Take some Logan stones (the amount isn’t limited), bake and grind them into fine powder. Take it with the plain boiled water. It can treat the acute enteritis by nourishing the middle energizer and normalizing the function of the stomach

3) Take 3-5 segments of the garlic with the purple peel; pound them to get the juice. Take it with warm boiled water. It is applicable to the acute enteritis.

4) Get 20g of common jujube bark and 15g of brown sugar; decoct in water for decoction by removing the dregs; add in the brown sugar and serve; take it once a day and it is good for diminishing inflammation, reducing diarrhea and strengthening the intestine. It is applicable to the gastritis, enteritis, alo laxata, abdominal pain and gastralgia. 

5) Get equal amount of the sophora flower bud and the white peel of the root of the Chinese toon (dry). Stir-bake to yellowish and grind it into fine powder for oral taking; take it 3 times a day and each time for 9g; it is applicable to diarrhea and enteritis.

6) Loess and Ginger Soup
Ingredients: The loess in the center of the cooking stove, 50g dried tangerine peel 12g, ginger 15g.
Process: Decoct the loess in the center of the cooking stove in water for 30 minutes, remove the loess from the decoction; cook the ginger and the dried tangerine peel with the decoction for about 15-20 minutes. It is applicable to acute gastroenteritis with vomiting. 

7) Pepper and Chinese prickly ash Powder
Get 50g of pepper and 25g of Chinese prickly ash and grind them into the fine powder; then preserve them in the sealed bottle.
Usage: Place 1-3g of the powder in the navel and press it with the hand until the fever is gained. Take it for about 10 minutes would be effective. It is applicable to acute gastroenteritis with pain.

8) Megranate and Dark Plum Soup
Ingredients: The megranate peel 15g, ginger 15g, dark plum 12g.
Decoct the above ingredients in water for about 30 minutes and take one dose of the decoction for 3-5 times in the same day. It is applicable to acute gastroenteritis with diarrhea and it is very effective on relieving diarrhea.

9) The Rice with Purslane
Wash the purslane clean and cut them into threads and mix with the rice; add water to cook rice; to be taken in the morning and night for 15 days; it is effective when the acute attack of the ulcerous colonitis. The purslane is a common Chinese herbal medicine for clearing away heat, removing toxin and reducing diarrhea and it also can be as a food; people in the country usually take it for the stuffing with the meat to make dumplings and steamed stuffed bun. It is good for preventing and treating the gastroenteritis and bacterial diseases.

10) Get 100g of the Job’s-tear seed and 20g of the lophatherum gracile and decoct in water for a drink. To be taken frequently and it is applicable for the enteritis with diarrhea.

11) Selecting of points: Tianshu (ST25), Shenque, Shangjuxu (ST 37), Dachangshu (BL25), and Sanyinjiao (SP6). Pishu and Yanglingquan are added for the cold-dampness in the spleen; Hegu and Xiajuxu are added for the dampness and heat in the Zangfu; Zhongwan and Jianli are added for diet stagnation; Qimen and Taichong are added for the stagnation of the liver qi; Pishu and Zusanli are added for the deficiency of the spleen qi; Baihe is added for the sink of the spleen qi; Shenshu and Guanyuan are added for the deficiency of the kidney-yang.

Manipulation: Take salt-isolated moxibustion or ginger-isolated moxibustion on the acupoint of the Shenque while other acupoints are needled with the routine needles; the ginger-isolated moxibustion, warm moxibustion or moxibustion with warmed needles are taken for cold-dampness in the spleen and deficiency of the spleen qi. Fuzhi cake-isolated is taken for the deficiency of the kidney yang. For people with acute diarrhea, they should take it 1-2 times daily or 1-2times every two days.

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