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Definition of epididymitis in TCM

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definition of epididymitis in tcmEpididymitis is a common disease among men and it is caused by the attack of bacillus coli, staphylococcus or streptococcus in the parorchis. It usually attacks after the posterior urethritis, prostatitis, cystospermitis or the instrument manipulation in urethra or the long time keeping of catheter in urethra.

Acute Epididymitis mostly belongs to the "acute orchitis and epididymitis" in TCM while the chronic Epididymitis belongs to the "Zitan"(mutiple scrotum fistula) and "Tanhe" (superficial nodule). Symptoms of Surgery Pandect recorded that pain in the kidney with red color which is called acute orchitis and epididymitis. Waike Zhengzhi Quansheng Ji recorded that pain in the kidney with red color which is the disease; if the carbuncles don't appear, the diseases can be treated by medlar and tangerine soup. Continue to read Seminal Vesiculitis in TCM.

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