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How TCM diagnoses epididymitis

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1) Acute Epididymitis
(1) There are the typical symptoms of the urinary tract infection and acute epididymitis before or at the early stage.
(2) The bump of parorchis and inflammation area can be seen in the type-B ultrasonic.
(3) The examination shows that the white blood cell is increasing and the center is shifting to left; the positive result is gained in the germiculture of the midstream urine.

2) Chronic Epididymitis
(1) With a history of the acute epididymitis or chronic prostatitis and cystospermitis.
(2) Swelling forwards and dull pain which are forwarding to the groin or the lower abdomen area on the same side.
(3) There are the hard stagnation, touching pain and the widening deferent duct in the examination.
(4) The epididymitis is enlarging and there is uneven echo inside in the type-B ultrasonic. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Seminal Vesiculitis.

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