Epididymitis TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for epididymitis

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(1) External Medicine
1) Washing method: Take an eggplant and moderate roots and leaves of it to decoct for the decoction; wash the effected area with the decoction for 2-3 times a day.

2) Take moderate fresh herba verbenae and pound them into a paste; apply it on the effected area for twice a day.

3) Take 4 seeds of sword bean and moderate white vinegar; pound the seeds and mix it with the vinegar; then apply the mixture on the effected area for several times a day.

4) Grind 7 peppers into powder and mix them with the flour into the pate; then apply it on the Huiyin (CV 1).

5) Grind moderate roots and stalks of the Parispolyphyllasm into powder; then mix it with wine or vinegar into the paste; apply the mixture on the effected area for twice a day.

6) Get 2 parts of rheum officinale, goldthread and golden cypress respectively and one part of mastix and myrrh respectively; grind them into the fine powder and then mix it with the rice vinegar into the paste; apply it on the effected scrotum, warp with the cloth and fix it with the adhesive plaster; change it twice a day and to be taken for 2-3 days continuously. 

(2) Acupoints Massage
1) Press the Huiyin (CV 1) as it is the stimulation center of the sexy function.

2) Press the Changqiang (GV 1) which is the lumbosacral portion. And it is also an important stimulation point for the sexy function. Press it lightly for 5 times.

3) Knead the Yaoyan (EX- B 6). Keep a supine position, fold fist and bend elbow; place the fist between the back and back and keep the palm center face to the bed; then knead both sides of the lumbar vertebrae with the palm joint. 

4) Massage the lumbosacral portion: Sit on the chair and put the five fingers together; knead the lumbosacral portion on both sides with proper strength for about 5 minutes; knead Shenshu (BL23) and Mingmen (GV 4) with thumbs for 1-2 minutes respectively; then scrape the Shenshu (BL23), Mingmen (GV 4) and the eight Liao acupoints till a heat sensation is gained.

(3) Guasha Therapy
1) Urinary bladder meridian: Pangguangshu (BL 28), Shenshu (BL23), Sanjiaoshu (BL22), Weiyang (BL 39).
Conception vessel: Zhongji (CV 3), Qihaishu (BL24).
Spleen meridians: Xuehai(SP 10), Sanyinjiao (SP6).
Liver meridians: Ququan (LR8), Xingjian (LR2).
Kidney meridian: Rangu (KI 2), Taixi (KI3)

2) Explanation: Pangguangshu (BL 28) and Zhongji (CV 3) are used to promote activities of qi of the urinary bladder; Sanjiaoshu (BL22) and Weiyang (BL 39) are used to promote activities of qi of tri-jiao; Qihai (CV 6) is used to warmly nourish the lower energizer to activate the anuresis; Xingjian (LR2) and Ququan (LR8) are added to clear away the liver fire and stop pain; Taixi (KI3) is good for the kidney; Xuehai (SP 10) is added to clear way heat and remove toxins; Sanyinjiao (SP6) is used to nourish the spleen and promote dampness.

3) Scraping order: (1) Waist and sacrum; (2) the lower abdomen; (3) inside of the lower limbs; (4) the postforea of the knee; (5) the inside ankle; (5) the back of feet.

(4) Cupping Therapy
1) Points Selected: Sanjiaoshu (BL22), Dachangshu (BL25), Guanyuanshu (BL26), Pangguangshu (BL 28), Zhongwan (CV 12), Taiyuan (LU9), Ququan (LR 8), Yinlingquan (SP 9), Qihaishu (BL24), Guilai (ST29) and Sanyinjiao (SP6) (massage both sides of the acupoints mentioned).
2) Manipulation: The cupping jar is taken and the cup keep in place for 10-15 minutes each time; to be taken once a day and 10 times is a course of treatment.

(5) Foot Massage
1) Basic Reflection Zone: Adrenal gland, nervous plexus in abdominal cavity, germen, prostate.
Related Reflection Zone: Pituitary, thyroid, spleen, lymph gland in the chest, groin.
Symptom Reflection Zone: Brain, thoracic vertebra, lumbar, sacrum, lymph gland of the upper body, lymph of the lower body.
Course of the Reflection Therapy: 10~15 times for one course of treatment, 30-40 minutes for one time, and 1-2 times a day. Take rest for 1-2days between two courses of treatment. During this period, put the feet in pale salt water to recover the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

2) Manipulation: Massage the reflection zones with light and moderate strength for 3-5 minutes respectively. To be taken 35-40 minutes each time and take 5 times as a course of treatment.

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