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What're the folk recipes for epididymitis

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1) Decoct 30g of fresh cat’s-foot in water for taking; one dose a day.

2) Decoct 18g of densa harbenaria herb and 15g of rattletop in water for taking; one dose a day.

3) Semen litchi Soup
Ingredients: Semen litchi 15g, Chinaberry fruit 15g, fructus piperis longi 9g, semen citri reticulatae 9g, galangal 9g, Akebia quinata Decne 9g, badian5g.
Decoct the above ingredients in water for taking; one dose a day. It is applicable to the acute orchitis.

4) Ingredients: 10g of Radix Bupleuri (Chaihu), peony, chinaberry fruit, elephantopus scaber, semen litchi, semen citri reticulatae, Rhizoma Alismatis (Zexie), capillary artemisia, the big bulb of fritillary and semen psyllii respectively; 15g of honeysuckle and flos chrysanthemi indici respectively; liquorice 5g.
Decoct the above ingredients in water for taking; one dose a day and 100ml for each time; to be taken 3-5 times a day.

5) Compounding of drugs: Cineraria repanda 150g, leaves of pine tree 100g, large leaves of small eucalyptus 90g.
Rinse the above ingredients and cut them into pieces; decoct in moderate water for 30 minutes and remove the dregs for the decoction; heat the decoction and soak in a small towel; twist it a little dry and apply on the effected area; each time for 20-30 minutes and to be taken in the morning and night; a effect can be gained after 2-3 times of application and a good effect can be gained after 10 times; it is helpful to clear away heat, remove toxins, activate the blood circulation, dispel stasis, eliminate swelling, relieve pain, astringe and relieve itching, diminish inflammation and beautify the skin.

6) Ingredients: Reusing Bulbus Fritillariae (Beimu) 30g, peony 12g, peach kernel 9g, Rhizoma Corydalis (Yanhusuo) 9g, Chinaberry fruit 9g, tangerine seed 9g, fructus aurantii 9g, Platycodon grandiflorum 9g, mastix, myrrh 3g, Radix Glycyrrhizae (Gancao) 3g.

Decoct the above ingredients for the decoction; to be taken till is disease is cured; it is helpful to clear away heat, eliminate stagnation, send down abnormally ascending, remove phlegm, remove hard and dispel collaterals. It is used for treating the orchitis and epididymitis. 10g of golden cypress and rheum officinale respectively are added for the patients with swelling of testicle or epididymis, chills and fever and high hemogram; 3g of scorpio is added for with severe pain; 15 of rhizoma smilacis glabrae and Serissa foetida Comm. or 10g of isatis root and selfheal respectively are added for the attack of gonorrhoea or parotitis; 10g of Pycnostelma sinensis Bge. and evodia rutaecarpa respectively are added for with unobvious swelling of testicle or epididymis but the severe pain.

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