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Definition of facial neuritis in TCM

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definition of facial neuritis in tcmBell's palsy refers to peripheral facial paralysis (Facial Paralysis), which is caused by facial neuritis. In clinic, the principal characters are distorted mouth and eyes, often occur in one side, and rare occur in both side at the same time. Acute onset, the pathetic muscle is paralysis on the one side, with disappear forehead wrinkles, brow ptosis, expanding eyelids, flat nasolabial groove, droop of angle of mouth, the face turn to the healthy side. This disease is the clinical common and frequently-occurring disease in the department of neurology, and occurs in all ages. But it is common seem among 20-40 ages and attacks in any seasons. Patients with slightly facial paralysis can be cured easily with early treatment, while it is difficult to treat for a long-term facial paralysis. In TCM, Bell’s palsy is named "facial paralysis", "distorted mouth", etc, which belongs to the category of "apoplexia". Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurodermatitis.
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