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How TCM diagnoses facial neuritis

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(1) This disease mainly occurs among the age of 20-40, more are male patients, with the medical history of catching cold or blowing wind on the face.

(2) Acute onset, accompanied with slightly pain in back ears, inner ears, mastoid process or face in the facial paralysis side, when washing face and rinsing mouth after getting up in the morning, found that drool from the angle of mouth, inflexible facile movements, distorted angle of mouth, or when eating foods, found that the foods stay in the gaps of the one side cheek teeth, accompanied with drool from the angle of mouth. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Neurodermatitis

(3) Manifested as pathetic muscle paralysis in the affected side, unable to close or incomplete close the eyelids, tear hyposecretion, disappear of corneal reflex in the affected side, shallow or flat nasolabial groove, droop of angle of mouth, the affected side of face could not do the movement of closing eyes, frowning, wrinkled the forehead, air-blowing, pouting, grinning.

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