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What are the symptoms of facial neuritis

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(1) Wind Evil Entering the Collaterals
Symptoms: After suffering from wind-cold or wetness in the evening, patient will be found with facial paralysis in the next day morning, accompanied with distorted mouth and eyes, or headache, thin and white coating, floating pulse.

(2) Deficiency of both Qi and Blood
Symptoms: Facial paralysis, recurrence for a long time, dizziness, weakness, poor appetite, anorexia, palpitation, blurred vision, thin coating, thready pulse.

(3) Mutual Obstruction of Phlegm-stasis
Symptoms: Facial paralysis, headache, numbness of the limbs, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, dark tongue with thin and greasy coating, thready and slippery or unsmooth pulse.

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