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Definition of freckles in TCM

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definition of freckles in tcmFreckles, also named summer spot, is a kind of facial tip, sesame size, dark brown spot for brown skin disease. The most vulnerable parts of is the bridge of the nose and cheeks is the ministry, also can be extended to the hair and the whole face even neck. So freckles are the most common disease affects the beauty of face. Most of the freckles happened in postnatal period, but some patients are innate growth. The disease is autosomal dominant somerset, after the sun color burn.

Traditional Chinese medicine also says "freckles", first seen in the book General Treatise on the Cause and Symptoms of Diseases:" on the face of people, like a bird, if the sparrow like the color of Massachusetts eggs. The evil guest to skin, and phlegm retention stains in the viscera, so face become dry and black". Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cellulitis.

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