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What are the symptoms of freckles

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(1) Insufficiency of Kidney Water
Manifested as kidney-water insufficiency and fire depression on the collaterals, caused by natural endowment deficiency, kidney-water deficiency, so out of control of fire, leading to deficiency fire flaming upward, rash occur on the face, the true qualities of kidney appear outside, so the skin damage and become light black. In the hot summer, exuberant yang qi lead to impairment of yin and insufficiency of kidney-water, so the colors of rash deepen than before. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cellulitis.

(2) Blood-heat with Wind
It mainly seem in patients with exuberant yang heat, manifested as yellowish-brown rash or coffee speckle as pinpoint to grain large, scatter on the face, beard, shoulder, back, back of hand and other exposed parts, which will become deepen than before after insolation in summer, the condition of tongue and pulse like ordinary people.

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