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How TCM diagnoses freckles

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The manifestations of is the brown lentils or dark brown spots. The freckles in shape of dense or scattered, the state is obvious. The freckles often appear on the face and neck, they are common in the woman in their late puberty, so that it is one of the major disease do harm to hairdressing. The main symptoms are:

(1) Freckles sometimes like the brown cyan birthmark, dark grey of spots which symmetric distribution, the boundaries is visible and the number is about 10-20. This disease is name by the female beauty parlor called leather spot or ophthalmic. The causes are hard to find. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cellulitis.

(2) The birthmark freckles, appear at the age of one or two years or so. the color is darker than freckles. The causes aren’t link with sunshine, changes slightly in summer and winter. They may occur in any part of the body. The reasons for pathology are the number of melanin cell average growth. The common performance is dense.

(3) Shading dry skin disease. Around the freckles sample spots, the blood capillary dilate, the size of pigment spot is differing, depth divide uneven, the distribution is uneven. The disease may be seen atrophic spots photosensitive outstanding.

(4) The birthmark freckles in the middle of face, is a rare disease. It appears in about one year. They are focus on the face with brown birthmark. Sometimes it has abnormalities, such as epilepsy and low intelligence.

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