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How to prevent freckles

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(1) Avoid insolating in the strong sunlight. Smear sunscreen cream and wear a sunbonnet or take an umbrella to protect your skin when going outdoors in the summer.

(2) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially some foods with vitamin. Take a tablet of Vitamin C and Vitamin E every day to remove freckles.

(3) Avoid abusing external medicines. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cellulitis.

(4) When washing face, add one or two spoonful of vinegar into the water to reduce pigmentation.

(5) Squeeze the fresh carrots into juice, take 10-30ml to apply to the face after washing face every night, wash face clean after the face dried. In addition, drink a glass of carrots daily to whiten the skin.

(6) Often eat food rich in vitamin C: leechee, longan, walnut, watermelon, honey, pear, orange, banana, dates, leek, spinach, turnip, tomato, wax, gourd, towel, gourd, celery, cucumber. Often eat food contain vitamin E: eggplant, chicken liver and so on. Often eat walnut, black soya bean, black fungus, black sesame seed and mulberry.

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