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Definition of gall-stone in TCM

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definition of gall-stone in tcmCholelithiasis include acute and chronic cholecystitis, acute and chronic cholangitis, cholelithiasis, choledocholith, and acute obstructive and suppurative cholangitis, with the incidence rate in the second position just next to acute appendicitis in the acute abdomen, clinically manifested by pain in the right upper abdomen, aversion to cold, fever, and jaundice in the skin and sclera. It is believed in Chinese medicine that this disease belongs to the categories of "Costal Pain", "Jaundice" and "Accumulated Chest". Indulgence in spicy, greasy and sweet foods, accumulation of dampness and heat in the liver and gallbladder due to failure of the spleen in transportation, or melancholy, preoccupation and sudden frustration, upward movement of roundworm, dysfunction of qi activity and failure of the liver and gallbladder in maintaining smooth qi flow can lead to this disease. Click here to learn more Gall-Stone in TCM.
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