Gall-stone TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for gall-stone

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1. External Medicine
(1) Enema Method
Decoct raw Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (Dahuang) 30 g to get 300ml herbal decoction for retention enema, once a day. It is used as an auxiliary treatment for severe biliary infection.

(2) Cider Juice Method
1) Prepare 5 big bottles of pure cider (1200g) or 50 moderate apples; ten apples can make 4 cups of juice.
2) Take a bottle of cider or 10 apples in four times in the morning, noon, night and before sleeping; its better before or between meals; beside the cider, the meals are taken as normal.
3) The above decoction and juice are taken for 5 days continuously; four cups a day and each cup for about 250CC.
4) Stop taking cider and dinner on the six day; infuse the folium sennae for drinking at the 6 to 8 in the afternoon.
5) On about 10 at the six night, take 1-2 moderate fresh lemons to take the juice; add in half an cup of olive oil (about 125CC) and mix them up; after taking the mixture, people should lie toward the right side and take the hot application on local area of the gallbladder. If swelling attack at local parts which shows that the stone being excreted.
6) Take a cup of cold water in the seventh morning with an empty stomach; take urination with the bedpan; under the normal condition, tens of stones like jade will be excreted; the unsmooth bowel movement will be improved after rest for 1-2 days.

2. Acupoints Massage
1) Push with one finger or knead the points of right Dannang (EX- LE 6), Yanglingquan (GB34), Danshu (BL19) and Taichong (LR 3) on both sides to soothe the liver and promote gallbladder. 

2) Press: Find the pain point which is mostly on the Dannang (EX- LE 6) of both sides or on the side of ninth thoracic vertebra; press the points for 3-5 minutes and then stimulate the Dannang (EX- LE 6) for 3-5 minutes; to be taken once a day and 7 days is a course of treatment.

3) Scrape the flank on both sides till a little heat sensation is gained; then press and knead the Zhangmen (LR 13) and Qimen (LR 14) on both sides for 1 minutes respectively till a sour and swelling sensation is gained.

4) Massage mainly on Dushu (BL 16), Xinshu (BL15) and Geshu (BL17); the patients lie prostrate and the operators knead the points with the thumb pulp or thenar eminence or hypothenar or the palm root for 10-20 minutes; to be taken twice a day and 5 days is a course of treatment; the cupping can be taken on the back for combination treatment for part patients.

5) Hit point for treating cholecystalgia which includes the cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Select the point of Geshu (BL17) (both) and then press them with a moderate strength for 10-15 minutes; the time can be adjusted according to the patients’ condition; then knead the point up and down with the thenar eminence for 30 times.
6) Push the urinary bladder meridian on both sides along the back for about 6 minutes; then press the points of Danshu (BL19), Ganshu (BL 18) and Geshu (BL17) for one minute respectively; at last, scrape the urinary bladder meridian on the back till a heat sensation is gained.

3. Guasha Therapy
1) Scrape the liver meridian of foot-jueyin and spleen meridian of foot-taiyin: scrape from the Ququan (LR8) and Yinlinquan (SP 9) on the side of knee, the Diji (SP8) and Sanyinjiao (SP6) along the inside of crus to the Taichong (LR 3); scrape the gallbladder of foot-shaoyang: scrape from the Yanglingquan (GB34), Dannang (EX- LE 6) and Xuanzhong (GB 39) to Qiuxu (GB 40).

2) Scrape the urinary bladder meridian of foot-taiyang: Scrape from Geshu (BL17), Ganshu (BL 18), Danshu (BL19) and Pishu (BL20) along the both sides of spine to Weishu (BL21); Scrape the governor meridian: Scrape from Dazhui (GV 14) to Zhiyang (CV 9) along the right middle line.

3) Scrape Qimen (LR 14) on the liver meridian of foot-jueyin and Riyue (GB 24) on the gallbladder meridian of foot-shaoyang; scrape the conception vessel: scrape from Danzhong (CV 17), Juque (CV14) along the right middle line to Zhongwan (CV 12).

4. Cupping Therapy
1) Cupping area
Back: Ganshu (BL 18), Danshu (BL19).
Chest: Riyue (GB 24), Qimen (LR 14).
The lower limbs: Yanglingquan (GB 34), Dannang (EX- LE 6), Taichong (LR 3).

2) Manipulation: Take cupping on each point for 5-15 times for once a day; the course of treatment is taken according to the patients’ condition; if people also has vomiting, the pricking can be taken on Jiuwei (CV 15) and Juque (CV 15) before cupping.

5. Foot Massage
1) The reflecting zone on the thenar: The nervous plexus in the abdominal cavity, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glad, kidney, ureter, bladder, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, caecum(appendix), Bauhin's valves, colon ascendens, colon transversum, colon descendens, colon sigmoideum, rectum, small intestine and Anus.

2) The reflecting zone on the inside of foot: cervical vertebra,thoracic vertebra,lumbar vertebra and sacrum.

3) The reflecting zone on the back of foot: The lymph glad on the upper body, the lymph glad on the lower body and rib.

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