Gall-stone TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for gall-stone

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1) Gruel of Haw
Get 30-40g of haw and then core them; cook them with 100g of polished round-grained rice for the gruel; add in 10g of white sugar and serve.

2) Gruel of Jew’s-ear and Corn Grit
Soak 5g of Jew’s-ear into water to make them expanded; rend and cook with 100g of corn grit for the gruel; season and serve.

3) Stewed Lean Meat with Desmodium and Honeysuckle
Ingredients: Herba L ysimachiae (Jinqiancao) 80g (fresh ones for 200g), honeysuckle 60g(fresh ones for 150g), lean meat 1000g, 2 spoons of yellow wine.
Process: Rinse the desmodium and honeysuckle and then wipe them with the cloth; rinse lean meat and cut into chunks; put then all into the pot and cook in water with high fire till it is boiling; add in the yellow wine and stew with the low fire for 2 hours; get out the medical bag and squeeze it dry; eat the meat and drink the soup; a small bowel of it to be taken each time and twice a day; heat till it is boiling on the other day and to be taken in three times a day; it is helpful to clear away heat and toxins.
Efficacy: It is applicable to the treatment of cholecystitis and cholangitis and the prevention of cholelithiasis.

4) Sweet and Sour Radish
Rinse radish and cut the both ends; then cut it into chunks of about 3cm in length; remove the fibre of the garlic and rinse, then cur into chunks of about 3cm in length; add in the oil and heat it is done; put in the radish and stir-fry it for a while; then add in the garlic, water, sugar and vinegar and cover the wok to make the dish done; thick the dish with the wet starch and pour the sesame oil on it; to be taken with the staple food; it is helpful to smooth qi and promote the destination, nourish gallbladder to relieve the internal heat.
Efficacy: It is applicable to the cholecystitis with swelling and pain in the stomach and poor appetite; as the proverb says: "A good health can be kept by eating radish in winter and ginger in summer". There is plenty of vitamin C in the radish; the mustard oil and enzyme in it can promote the excretion of bile and the peristalsis of the stomach and intestine; and which is helpful for the digestion.

5) Cooked Eggs with Medicine and Vinegar
Ingredients: Vinegar 1000g, radix curcumae 30g, radices saussureae 30g, radix lithospermi 30g, Radix Astragali (Huangqi) 60g, 15 fresh eggs.
Process: Put the above ingredients in the glass bottle or porcelain pot and seal it for half a month; take one egg a day and 15 days is a course of treatment.
Efficacy: It is helpful to nourish gallbladder to dissolve the stone; it is applicable to the cholelithiasis.

6) Cooked Pig pancreas with eggs
Ingredients: Two raw pig pancreases, one sea cucumber, 2 fresh eggs, cornus 10g.
Process: Rinse the pig pancreas and the sea cucumber, and then cook with them with the cornus in water till the dish is done; add in the eggs, season and serve. To be taken with the staple food.
Efficacy: It is helpful to nourish yin and promote the secretion of body fluid; it is applicable to the cholelithiasis and diabetes.

7) Stewed Soft-shelled Turtle with Yam
Ingredients: Fresh yam 30g, longan 20g, prepared pangolin 10g, soft-shelled turtle 500g, Zizania aquatica 30g, moderate soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate.
Process: Rinse yam and Zizania aquatica and cut them into pieces; cut the soft-shelled turtle and remove the viscera; stew it with yam, longan and prepared pangolin in water till the soup is done; then add in the Zizania aquatica and seasonings to cook for another 3 minutes; to be taken with the staple food.
Efficacy: It is helpful to remove stasis and soften the nodes; it is applicable to the cholelithiasis and hepatitis of the stasis of bile type.

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