Gall-stone TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for gall-stone

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1) Qigong: The positions of sitting, standing and lying are ok; keep the tongue touching the palate and relax the whole body; take breathing with nose; inhaling and keep mind concentrate in the public region till the qi is gained; then keep mind concentrate in Qimen (LR 14) for 10-15 minutes; put the left foot out firstly, inhale and hold the lower abdomen in; then put the right foot out and exhale; walk with these movements for 80-120 steps and 20 minutes for a round; walk slowly down when finishing the movements; and hold the navel with both hands while thinking.

2) Take regular exercise can reduce the attacking of cholelithiasis. The strenuous exercises have the best effects and the moderate ones (quick walking or hiking) also have the same effect; the scientist holds that the sudden attacking of cholelithiasis can be reduced by increasing the level of lipoprotein with high intensity; besides, the strenuous exercises is also helpful to reducing the production of the glycerin trilaurate and liver stone in the blood; the exercises of running, jogging, walking or playing the tennis ball do with help to reducing rate of the gallbladder disease.

3) Clinical research shows that the removing urinary calculus is higher in spring, autumn and winter as the exercise amount is large in these seasons while the removing urinary calculus is lower in summer due to the small exercise amount. So the proper exercises are good for promoting the removing of stones. Click here to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Gall-Stone.

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