Gall-stone TCM Therapy

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How to prevent gall-stone

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1) Pay attention to regulate the diet; it should be of various of food; avoid raw, cold, greasy and spicy food as they may cause the stagnation of bile.

2) Take less spicy food, Sodas and other food which can stimulate the excretion of gastric juice; the gastric juice may stimulate the bile cyst shrinking to increase the production of stone.

3) Restrict the food with fat as it may cause the increasing of cholesterin; the food with plenty of animality fat such as the egg, butter, beef tallow, liver, roe and so on also should be restricted.

4) Avoid greasy and frying food and eat more bean products as which contain the unsaturation fatty acid and linolenate; and they can prevent and treat the cholesterin stone. 

5) Eat more vegetables and fruit which are full of vitamin A and vitamin C; eat more fish and marine food as they are helpful to clear away gallbladder, promote dampness and dissolve stones.

6) The food fiber can reduce the cholesterin in the blood so that people should take more food with plenty of fiber such as the brown rice, germ rice, vegetables, seaweed and so on.

7) Eat more food with vitamin A such as the carrot, tomato, cabbage, etc.; eat more fruit such as the banana, apple, etc.; eat more food which can promote the excretion of bile and loose the muscle in the biliary tract such as the haw, dark plum, stigmata maydis, watermelon, corn, pear juice and so on. More information about Gall-Stone, please read Gall-Stone Capsules.

8) Have a regular life and keep balance between the rest and work; take more exercises and take breakfast on time; avoid fat and frequent pregnancy; take a cup of milk at night or tale an fried egg in the morning; all these can make the gallbladder shrunk at regular time and reduce the time within which the bile stays in the gallbladder.  

9) Take three meals at regular time as the stones are easily produced when the bile excreting at irregular time.

10) Take breakfast and avoid a long time of empty stomach; take exercises and prevent the constipation. Click here to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Gall-Stone.

11) Vegetables are stir-fried with the plant oil and mostly via the stewing, braising, steaming and so on.

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