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Definition of gastroptosis in TCM

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definition of gastroptosis in tcmGastroptosis is a disease of abdominal ptosis. It refers to the position of the stomach is lower than the normal place with its margo inferior reaching to the pelvic cavity and the lowest point of the stomach arc falls below the bone ridge ligature. The patients with mild condition usually has no symptoms while the severe condition with the discomfort in the upper abdomen, or swelling pain, fullness and distending, belching, poor appetite, abnormal bowel movement, etc. Modern medicine holds that the disease is related to the weaken abdominal pressure, tall and thin body shape, weak overhanging partitioning the muscle, flabby ligaments partitioning the stomach and other factors. This disease falls into the category of "wei pi"(fullness), "fu zhang"(abdominal distension), etc. in TCM.  Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Stomachache.
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